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Amanda Bradley




      t Chateau Le Mur, we believe that life is to be celebrated, and that continuing education can only improve one’s quality of life. We have holiday events and educational workshops planned throughout the year, and you can book your stay to partake of the events planned.  Join us for educational seminars, workshops, holiday parties, as well as our ‘Secret Cinema Suppers’ where guests are invited to a ‘themed’ dinner, asked to dress according to that theme only to find out upon arrival which ‘secret’ film will compliment the theme of dress and accompanying cuisine!  We also host summer ‘Chivalry’ camps for aspiring young knights and ladies of Le Mur! Note: Events are presently suspended. Please Contact us directly regarding Future Events.


Saturday Night Secret Cinema Supper

          7 pm  Special Ground Hog's Day Dinner

          9 pm  Movie: It's a Secret!


February—Marriage Refreshment Workshops

February 14—Valentines Day Secret Cinema Supper

         7 pm  Secret Cinema Supper  

          (Romantic Meal with Champagne)          

         8 pm  Movie:  It's a Secret!


March 17—St Patty’s Secret Cinema Supper

         7 pm  Special Irish Meal:

         8 pm  Movie: It's a Secret!


April 1— Secret Cinema Supper

        7 pm   April Fools Dinner with Jester Costumed Hats

        8 pm  Movie: It's a Secret!


Easter Weekend Special

        Saturday, 10 am—Easter Egg Coloring

                          2 pm—Easter Egg Hunt

        Easter Sunday 

                          2 pm—Easter Sunday Dinner


Pride and Prejudice Night

          6 pm  Re-inactment scenes with costumes

          7 pm  Special Meal


May —Honoring Mother Dinner


June —Secret Cinema Supper

           7pm  Arabic /Lebanese Dinner

           9pm  Secret Supper Cinema: It's a Secret!


June —Honoring Dad’s Dinner


July —Secret Cinema Supper

        6pm   Readings and Revolutionary War Story-telling

        7pm   Special American Dinner

        9pm  Movie:  It's a Secret!

July — Bastille Day Dinner


August —Medieval Story-telling in the Knights Room


September —Feast and Foraging in Forest:

                                                      Medieval Cooking Class


October 31—Halloween Masquerade Ball


November —Thursday—Pilgrim Thanksgiving Meal with Costumes and Story-telling


December Christmas Events at Chateau du Mur

December (TBD)

         2pm  Tree Decorating in the Chateau

         4pm  Tea and Christmas Story Reading


December (TBD)

        9 am  Tour Christmas Markets in Rennes

        4 pm  Ginger Bread House Making in Manoir Kitchen


December (TBD)

          7 pm  Special Christmas Meal

          8 pm  Secret Supper Cinema: It's a Secret!

         10pm  Hot wine, cappuccinos and desert


December (TBD)

          9 am Tour Rochfort en Terre

          2 pm  Christmas Cookie Making in the Manoir Kitchen         


December (TBD)

          Tour Puy de Fou and one night hotel

          Theme Park and Christmas Spectacle

          Depart 8am Wednesday and return by 12pm Thursday


December 31, —Thursday New Years Eve

           10pm—Festive Dinner

           Midnight—Launch Chinese Lanterns — Chateau Terrace


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